Who’s Eligible

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Robert Half and Protiviti employees working a minimum of 20 hours per week are eligible to enroll in Robert Half’s benefits program.​

Full-Time Engagement Professionals working a minimum of 30 hours per week are eligible to enroll in the benefits program. This applies for full-time employees only.

Staff Living in Hawaii

However, if you’re a staff employee living in Hawaii, you become eligible for medical benefits (even as a part-time employee) if you work four consecutive weeks for 20 hours or more per week.

Part-Time Employees

If you’re a part-time employee, you’re eligible to enroll in short-term diasbility (STD), long-term disability (LTD), commuter benefits and the following voluntary insurance products: identity protection, auto and home insurance, and pet insurance. There is no minimum hours requirement to be eligible for these benefits.


When you enroll for benefits, you can also enroll your eligible dependents, including your:

  • Lawful spouse or qualifying domestic partner1
  • Children up to age 262

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1 To qualify for benefits coverage, domestic partners must have entered into a legally recognized civil union or be registered with a state or local government domestic partnership registry. Alternatively, in the absence of a civil union or registration, domestic partners must satisfy the criteria set forth in Robert Half’s Domestic Partner Benefits Guidelines. Any requirements for proof of relationship or waiting periods are applied equally to domestic partnerships and marriages. COBRA-like continuation coverage is available to domestic partners and their children to the same degree and in the same manner as COBRA coverage is available to spouses and stepchildren.

2 If your child is mentally or physically disabled, coverage may continue beyond age 26, once proof of the ongoing disability is provided. Children may include natural children, adopted children, stepchildren, foster children and children for whom you have been appointed the legal guardian by a court, as well as children of qualifying domestic partners.

Enrollment Tip

You will be asked to verify new dependents that you add to your benefit plan coverages. When you add your dependent on the Empyrean Benefits Enrollment platform​, read the note alerting you to the list of required proof of dependent eligibility that must be submitted. Additionally, have your dependent’s Social Security number (except for newborns) and date of birth ready before logging on to the Empyrean Benefits Enrollment platform​ or calling 1.855.RHI-BENE.